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Are you someone who enjoys coming home and sinking into the warm, crystal-clear waters of your hot tub as the jets massage your weary muscles?

We can’t think of a better way to wrap up our day!

However, the only way to consistently enjoy this experience is by taking proper care of your hot tub.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I already follow a hot tub maintenance routine,” that’s great!

We have one question for you, though…does it include professional hot tub service every now and again?

Professional service is about far more than repairing your spa when challenging issues arise. In fact, this only scratches the surface of how it can help step up your care routine.

Even with the best care, your spa is susceptible to issues, but routine hot tub service can help keep your spa in pristine condition and keep common problems at bay.


Keep reading! We’re diving into the world of professional hot tub service, exploring how it can benefit you and your spa, some service options to consider, and giving you a quick “how-to” guide to find the right team to partner with.

Ready to uncover the secret to effortless spa care? Let’s get started!

DIY Hot Tub Service vs Professional Service

We commend you for taking on the challenge of DIY hot tub maintenance.

Your spa is an investment and deserves the very best care, and with a solid routine, you can keep your spa in premium condition for years to come.

Routine care of your spa is important, from testing and treating the water to wiping down the cabinet and cleaning your filters.

But what about those bigger jobs, such as inspecting your system, or draining and deep cleaning your spa?

These jobs take a bit more time, and slightly more know-how, especially if concerning issues arise and you need to take on troubleshooting and repairing your spa!

Professional service can step in and help take on those jobs you aren’t comfortable doing, or simply don’t have time to fit into your busy schedule.

In fact, if your busy schedule is something that you struggle to overcome when it comes to regularly caring for your spa, hot tub service may be just what you need.

Remember when we said professional care was about more than just repairs?

With the right team, you can actually hand off every aspect of your maintenance, refocusing on the things that matter most while your spa receives top-notch care.

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Benefits of Professional Hot Tub Service

Professional service can provide a range of benefits, making it a valuable addition to your routine.

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect to experience when you start including expert service in your routine.

Saves You Time

One of the most coveted benefits of working alongside a team of professionals is the amount of time it can save you.

This is especially helpful for those who want to enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub but have an overflowing schedule that doesn’t allow for time to give it the care it needs.

It’s also helpful when you’re jetting off on a vacation and need someone to attend to your spa while you’re away.

Whether you’re taking advantage of an all-inclusive service, or are only scheduling your expert team to perform quarterly water changes and inspections, you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying the extra free time!

Maintains The Performance and Longevity of Your Spa

As we’ve mentioned before, your hot tub is an investment, and including professional care can help maximize the years of enjoyment you get out of it.

A well-cared-for spa can last between 15-20 years, but this can be quickly reduced when water is often left improperly balanced, inspections are foregone, and routine cleaning falls to the wayside.

Professional care helps keep your spa in pristine condition for much longer, ensuring it continues to function at its best and runs smoothly.

Catches Issues Early (and saves you money!)

Speaking of maintaining optimal function, trained technicians have the knowledge necessary to spot troublesome issues early.

Not only can this ensure any repairs are made before they begin affecting other aspects of your spa, but it keeps repair costs to a minimum, saving you ample money over the years.

Makes Hot Tub Ownership Effortless

Everyone should be able to own a hot tub, not just those with the time and know-how to care for one.

Professional service solutions make it possible to enjoy a home spa no matter your skill level, making the benefits of premium hydrotherapy more accessible than ever!

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What’s Included in Professional Hot Tub Service?

Ultimately, the service solutions included in professional care all come down to one thing; the provider.

While some providers offer the bare minimum, others provide a full-service solution that covers every need you may have.

At Legacy Hot Tubs, we want hot tub ownership to be as easy as possible, so we’ve created a list of service solutions to match nearly every need.

Here are some of the options we offer.

Delivery and Installation

For anyone who’s found their dream hot tub on our showroom floor, our team of experts will deliver and install your hot tub.

From transporting it to your home, moving it into your chosen location, and getting it ready for your very first soak, our team will handle it all.

Hot Tub Maintenance

When it comes to routine care for your spa, we’ve got you covered with our maintenance solutions.

Our hot tub maintenance services include:

  • Water Testing
  • Balancing and treating your water
  • Monitoring your spa’s function

Hot Tub Repairs

Are you someone who enjoys the day-to-day care of your spa but isn’t comfortable making repairs when the need arises?

With our hot tub repair service, you can hand off this troublesome task to a trained team of experts.

Our hot tub repair services include:

  • On-site inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ordering parts if needed
  • Making repairs

Water Changes

Changing the water in your spa occasionally is a non-negotiable. In fact, this should be getting done once each season; every 3-4 months, based on usage.

Furthermore, water changes go beyond draining and refilling your spa. During this process, you’ll also need to perform an inspection of your system and jets, flush the lines, and deep clean the basin.

Not your cup of tea?

No problem! With our water change service, we’ll:

  • Drain your spa
  • Deep clean the basin
  • Inspect your system
  • Refill, test, and rebalance your water

And we’ll do it on a quarterly schedule, so you’re always soaking in clean water each time you step into your spa.

Tips to Find a Reliable Hot Tub Service Technician

With professional hot tub service being so important, how do you choose the right team you can trust?

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to the team you choose to partner with.

  • Expertise

First and foremost, you’ll want to pick a service provider that’s been in the industry for a while.

This will help ensure they’ve seen their fair share of problems and have experience performing the work they offer.

  • Services Offered

Everyone’s situation is different. While some people may be a DIY champion and only require routine inspections, others may need a full-service solution to complement their busy schedules.

Before settling on your provider, explore their service options to ensure they offer what you need.

  • Brand Knowledge

While many hot tubs share similarities, many have specific requirements, parts, or features that require specialized knowledge.

When selecting your provider, find one that has knowledge, or training in your hot tub brand.

Your best bet will be partnering with the experts from where you purchased your spa or those at a dealership that offers your brand.

  • Certifications

Hot tubs are complex, so you’ll want to ensure anyone who works on your spa is trained and certified.

This is especially important if your hot tub is still under warranty, as many brands require certified technicians to make any and all repairs to maintain your warranty.

  • Warranty Knowledge

Speaking of warranty, you’ll also want to ensure your technician is aware of the aspects included in your warranty.

This will help ensure you receive the care necessary to maintain its standing and greatly reduces the risk of your warranty being voided by avoidable mistakes.

  • Reputation & Reviews

Your final way to verify a potential partner’s reliability and overall customer service experience is through reviews and testimonials.

Scour their website to see the reviews of past customers and check the reviews on their Google business listing.

Is Professional Hot Tub Service Worth It?

In short, yes, professional hot tub service is worth including in your routine, even if it’s only for occasional inspections.

Expert technicians, backed by the knowledge, expertise, and training needed to care for your spa, can help extend the lifespan of your spa, keep it running smoothly, and help support your routine care.

No matter how you choose to include them in your regularly scheduled care, they are certainly worth working alongside.

Do Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs Need Special Service?

One aspect that’s specific to your Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub is the CLEARRAY®️ Bulb.

Most Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs are equipped with the CLEARRAY®️ Water Management System, which uses a UV-C bulb to sanitize your water.

Much like any other bulb, over time it will weaken, reducing its effectiveness.

For this reason, it’s recommended you change your CLEARRAY®️ bulb every 12 months (don’t worry; your system will tell you when it’s time).

Changing your bulb can be done yourself, but it must be done carefully. If your control panel has recently reminded you to change your bulb, you can learn how in this manual.

Or, if you prefer a visual step-by-step guide, this short video can help guide you through the process:

If you’re not sure you want to take this job on yourself, no worries! Give us a call, and we can take care of it for you!

FAQs About Hot Tub Service

How long do hot tubs last?

Depending on the quality of your hot tub, you can expect it to last anywhere from five to twenty years.

Inflatable spas have become a cost effective solution for many, and often only last a few years, while premium spas that are well cared for can last upwards of twenty.

Ultimately, how long your hot tub lasts all comes down to how well you care for it.

How often do hot tubs need to be serviced?

We recommend including professional service at least every three to four months to perform an inspection of your system.

At the bare minimum, you should be scheduling a professional inspection once a year.

This will help ensure warning signs of issues are caught early on, and repairs can be made quickly, reducing the risk of expensive repairs being needed down the road.

Hot Tub Service in Sarasota – Feel Confident in Your Spa’s Care

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced team of hot tub experts to help support the health of your spa?

Look no further than the team of talented professionals at Legacy Hot Tubs.

Our staff are certified, experienced, and factory-trained, ensuring you receive the very best care no matter the service solutions you require.

From performing routine water changes and onsite inspections to keeping your water crystal clear and balanced, we’ve got you covered.

Contact our team or request service online today. We’d be proud to partner with you to keep your hot tub in pristine condition for years to come.


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