Home Treatment For Back Pain – Relaxing In A Hot Tub


Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for visiting the doctor’s office and missing work?

Unfortunately, we use our back muscles in almost every movement we make, and millions of us face discomfort.

For some, it’s an inconvenience, but for others, it’s completely debilitating. If relieving crippling back pain from home sounds better than visiting a doctor, here’s some good news.

Home treatment is available and it’s as easy as relaxing in the family hot tub.

Heat After The First 48 Hours

It’s common knowledge that ice and heat are vital to relieving back pain. Ice works when an injury is fresh and heat applied after the first two days can do wonders.

However, it’s not always easy to find a heat source that can stay hot long enough, or cover the entire surface area of a painful back.

A hot tub is unique in that it provides elevated, sustained heat, meaning you can soak for as long as it takes in total comfort.

Submerge your body in a hot tub and relief comes easily and conveniently- and your entire back feels it instantly.

Relieve Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness

The heat feels fantastic on a sore back, but it also relaxes the surrounding muscles, which dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, and promotes healing in damaged tissue.

Within just a few minutes, back pain, swelling, and stiffness are reduced, making it easier to go about your daily routine. Soaking in heated, massaging water also releases endorphins.

And as the body’s natural source of pain relief, the more endorphins you amass, the better. Massage penetrates deep into the tissue, soothing back pain on contact.

Increase Mobility With a Sarasota Hot Tub

A hot tub is also the perfect environment to stretch and engage in light cardiovascular exercise. Buoyancy makes movement easier, allowing for movement in the spine that’s impossible on land.

With regular use, a soak can relieve stiffness, which increases mobility but also improves flexibility. Frequently recommended to supplement traditional pain-relieving techniques, hot tub therapy is a long-term solution, even providing tax-free investment with a doctor’s note.

At-home treatment for a sore, stiff back is available, it’s simply a matter of knowing how to find relief. With elevated, sustained heat and massage, a hot tub can reduce pain and stiffness, promote healing, and is a smart, practical way to get the relief you deserve.

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