Affordable Hot Tubs in Sarasota – A 2024 Guide To Hot Tub Savings


Are you looking to join the ranks of hot tub owners in Sarasota but are trying to stick to a budget?

When it comes to buying a hot tub, many homeowners believe they need to choose between affordability and quality, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many affordable hot tubs can provide the soothing luxury you’re looking for at budget-friendly prices, and with the right model, you won’t have to sacrifice quality!

At Legacy Hot Tubs, we understand the importance of blending high quality with lower cost, and we’re bringing all of our top hot tub saving tips in this article.

From the key aspects, you’ll want to look for to determine the quality of an affordable hot tub and three models from the leading hot tub manufacturer in the industry, to the four best ways to amplify your savings even after installation.

Read on and get ready to discover a goldmine of hot tub saving tips!

How to Spot a Quality Affordable Hot Tub

First and foremost, let’s cover one of the most important elements of buying a hot tub: determining if an affordable hot tub can offer the quality you’re looking for.

Materials and Construction

When searching for an affordable hot tub, start by examining the materials and construction. Budget-friendly models from reputable brands often use high-grade materials that ensure longevity.

Look for durable shells, such as acrylic or specialized patented designs, that can withstand years of wear and tear.

You’ll also want to consider the quality of the frame, as this will be supporting your shell for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient your hot tub is will play a critical role in your long-term savings and should be at the forefront of your checklist of “must-have” elements.

Not all hot tubs offer the same energy efficiency, and many elements can come into play in determining how efficient your hot tub is, such as insulation, pumps, and heaters.

To determine if a hot tub features an energy-efficient design, look for the following things:

  • Full-foam insulation
  • Cover density
  • Efficient filtration systems
  • Voltage


Another telltale sign you’re investing in a quality hot tub is the manufacturer warranty. The last thing you want is to buy a hot tub from a manufacturer that doesn’t stand behind the product.

If the brand doesn’t offer a good warranty, you can rest assured you’d likely be better off with a different model.

When looking at a warranty, look at what’s covered and how long it lasts, and pay close attention to the steps you’ll need to take to maintain it throughout its lifetime.

woman in hot tub with friends

Easy Ways to Save On Hot Tubs

Once you know what to look for, the real fun starts: finding your dreamy oasis! To make your new spa even more affordable, consider these three tips:

Shop Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

If your heart isn’t set on a brand-new spa, a pre-owned hot tub may be the way to go.

Hot tubs have a significant lifespan, with some lasting upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance.

Opting for a pre-owned spa that’s been refurbished is a great way to enter the world of hot tub ownership without needing to spend as much as you’d been expecting.

If you choose to take this route, look for reliable dealerships that have the experience needed to ensure you’re investing in a pre-owned spa that’s been professionally refurbished and has plenty of relaxation left to give.

Take Advantage of Special Offers (holidays)

Model alone isn’t the only way you can stick to your budget. In fact, by just buying at the right time, you may be able to upgrade your selection while still honoring your budget!

Many hot tub dealerships hold events throughout the year, many of which revolve around holidays like the Fourth of July or Christmas.

If you don’t mind waiting before making your purchase, you can rake in the savings by taking advantage of the next big event!

Apply for Financing

Many hot tub dealerships have financing options available, making it easier to stretch your budget by breaking it down into more manageable monthly fees.

While this opportunity is dependent on approval, applying for financing can be a great strategy to obtain your chosen hot tub at a much more affordable price.

3 Budget-Friendly Affordable Hot Tubs

When it comes to finding an affordable hot tub without sacrificing quality, Jacuzzi®️ offers several exceptional models.

Here are three budget-friendly options that stand out for their unique features and cost-effective design.

affordable hot tub - jacuzzi mood hot tub

An Affordable Hot Tub For Compact Spaces: The Mood™️ Hot Tub

The Mood™️ Hot Tub is perfect for those with limited space. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t skimp on features, offering the perfect balance of affordability and quality, making it ideal for smaller patios or backyards.

With dimensions of 76″ x 66″, it fits comfortably in small spaces like patios and balconies. It includes 20 jets positioned for optimal hydrotherapy, with adjustable settings for a customized massage experience.

The seating capacity accommodates up to five people, with an ergonomic arrangement and elegant bench seating along one side, ensuring maximum comfort for the whole family.

Additionally, its energy-efficient components, such as full-foam insulation, help reduce operating costs while maintaining a consistent temperature.

Featuring the patented Syncrylic® material, this collection is known for, the Mood™️ hot tub offers a lusciously smooth surface that promises years of enjoyment.

affordable hot tub - jacuzzi echo hot tub

A Spa Perfect For Families: The Echo™️ Model

For families, the Echo™️ Model is a fantastic choice. It features ample seating and advanced hydrotherapy jets, ensuring a relaxing and therapeutic experience for everyone.

With the ability to seat up to six adults comfortably, the ergonomic seating is designed to cater to both adults and children.

The Echo™️ hot tub is equipped with 30 hydrotherapy jets, providing a full-body massage with targeted jet placement to relieve stress and muscle tension.

Its family-friendly features include an easy-to-use control panel accessible for all ages and safety features such as an LED-lit footwell and exterior LED corner lights.

Energy-efficient components, such as the patented, simple filtration, keep running costs low, while full-foam insulation reduces heat loss.

Constructed with reinforced frames and high-quality materials, this model ensures long-lasting performance, supported by an excellent warranty and customer service.

affordable hot tub - jacuzzi soul hot tub

An Affordable Hot Tub With Lounge Seating: The Soul™️ Spa

The Soul™️ Hot Tub is ideal for those who enjoy lounging. It includes a lounge seat with strategically placed jets, providing a full-body massage targeting key muscle groups.

With 30 jets, the Soul™️ Spa offers a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience with adjustable settings for personalized comfort.

It seats up to six adults with ergonomic seating designed to enhance relaxation. Energy-efficient components and advanced insulation help minimize operating costs while maintaining consistent water temperature.

Built with premium materials, the Soul™️ Spa ensures durability and reliable performance, backed by a strong warranty.

These Jacuzzi®️ models demonstrate that it’s possible to enjoy the luxury and health benefits of a hot tub without breaking the bank.

Each model offers unique features tailored to different needs, ensuring that there is an affordable and high-quality option for everyone. They also boast an optional 120V Plug n’ Play design, cutting installation fees down even further!

Whether you have limited space, a growing family, or a desire for lounge seating, these hot tubs provide excellent value and lasting enjoyment.

4 Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Costs Low

After your hot tub has been installed, you’ll want to shift your focus toward maximizing energy efficiency to keep running costs low.

Here are four simple ways you can ensure your spa is always running optimally.

1. Use a Quality Cover

As previously mentioned, the quality of your hot tub cover plays a vital role in how energy efficient your spa is. If your cover doesn’t fit well or isn’t well insulated, heat will continuously be escaping, leading to frequent drops in temperature and longer run times.

Ensure you have a high-density cover that fits snuggly on your spa, and keep it on your hot tub anytime you’re not in the water.

2. Keep Your Filters Clean

Another key element of keeping your spa running efficiently is maintaining your filters. As they filter out oils and debris from your water, it becomes more difficult for water to flow through them, impacting your filtration system.

Keeping your filters clean will reduce the work your pump needs to do to circulate water and keep running costs to a minimum.

Here is a simple filter-cleaning routine:

  • Rinse your filters with your garden hose once each week.
  • Clean with filter cleaner monthly.
  • Deep clean with a filter soak every 3-4 months.

3. Lower The Temperature (especially in summer)

With our balmy Florida weather, a good way to keep running costs low is by simply turning down the temperature of your spa—the lower the temperature, the less work your spa needs to do to bring it up to your setpoint.

This can easily be adjusted from season to season to make the most of your budget while still enjoying the soothing relief of your spa’s warm water!

4. Consider Smart Technology

Alongside the rise in smart technology is increased saving potential. If you’re looking to enhance your operation costs, opt for a hot tub that features smart technology, such as the SmartTub®️ System, which can monitor your usage and adjust your water temperature based on your routine (along with so much more)!

Affordable Hot Tubs in Sarasota at Legacy Hot Tubs

By following this guide, homeowners can find an affordable hot tub that doesn’t sacrifice quality. With the right approach, enjoying the luxury of a hot tub can be both attainable and economical.

Legacy Hot Tubs in Sarasota offers a range of affordable hot tubs, including pre-owned options.

Our extensive selection, combined with expert advice and excellent customer service, makes it easy to find the perfect hot tub that fits your budget.

Visit Legacy Hot Tubs today and get ready to fall in love with your new relaxation routine!


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