5 Stylish Décor Ideas For Your Indoor Sauna Installation


An indoor sauna installation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself to enhance your relaxation and improve your health.

These high-heat, vented rooms have become an increasingly popular installation in the home. But where should you put it? What should it look like? How can you make it stylish?

If you want to learn how to have an amazing home sauna with stylish décor ideas, read on to be inspired.

Your Indoor Sauna Location

You don’t need a huge amount of space to install a sauna. In fact, saunas take up about the same space as a large closet. Insulation should be a minimum of R12 on the walls and R16 on the ceiling. 

Be sure the spot you choose will work for ventilation, although most spots will allow for venting through the walls. You’ll also need wiring for an exhaust fan and a carbon monoxide detector.

Choosing the Right Indoor Sauna

Whether you opt for a custom model or a ready-made unit, there are a number of designs with different sizes and seating options. You can also choose from a corner model or a traditional rectangular unit. If your space is already finished, you can choose a panel-built sauna, such as those made by Finnleo.

Now that you’ve chosen a location and an actual sauna, you can move on to the fun part: decorating your sauna space. Here are some great ideas on how you can personalize your indoor sauna installation.

5 Stylish Décor Ideas For Your Indoor Sauna Installation

  1. Create a Seating Area
  2. Make it Functional
  3. Choosing a Color Scheme
  4. Focus on Floors
  5. Add Interest with Accessories

Now let’s take a look at each one of them…

1. Create a Seating Area

To take your indoor sauna installation to the next level, think about what you can do to enhance comfort and convenience. Do you want a seating area outside the sauna?

Having a bench or a few chairs nearby gives you and other sauna users some place to sit to remove shoes or clothing.  A small coffee table is also handy for setting drinks on.

2. Make it Functional

A wall-mounted hanger or hooks offer a place to hang robes, clothes, or towels, while shelving is handy for clean towel storage. Having a hamper nearby is also a good idea and will save you from carting used towels back and forth.

3. Choosing a Color Scheme

Most saunas are made of natural wooden materials, so choosing a color that is relaxing and neutral for the walls of the room your sauna is in works well. Beiges, tans, and browns are very peaceful and relaxing.

If you want to add more color without infringing on the peaceful vibe, sage green or silvery blue are great choices. Your towels can be darker or lighter versions of the wall paint for a cohesive look.

4. Focus on Floors

Flooring for your sauna room should continue on with the natural theme. Slate or tile offers a nice contrast to the wood of your indoor sauna and won’t be damaged by the dampness caused by steam.

5. Add Interest with Accessories

One of the best ways to add a pop of color to a neutral sauna area without disturbing the peaceful vibe is with plants. Floor plants and table plants alike can add a lot of visual interest to the area, as can scented candles.  A mat outside the sauna door and wall art are also great ways to add some color.

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