6 Ideas To Illuminate Your Outdoor Hot Tub


Nothing makes your hot tub look better than the right lighting. Not only can it turn your outdoor spa into the focal point of your backyard, but it can also help you see better when you use it at night.

Let’s take a look at the six best ways you can light up your outdoor hot tub installation.

Illuminating Your Outdoor Hot Tub – 6 Ideas

Here are 6 ideas on how to illuminate your outdoor hot tub.

1. Landscape Lighting

One of the most popular ways to bring visual interest to your yard, landscape lighting is used to highlight specific elements.

While light is not shined directly on your spa, low-voltage lights can be used to illuminate nearby trees or a garden. If your spa is under a pergola, you can use the lighting on it.

By lighting up these elements rather than shining a light directly on your spa, you’ll be able to enjoy soft illumination. This is far easier on your eyes while you’re in your spa, but enhances it’s beauty at the same time.

2. Moonlighting

Much like landscape lighting, moonlighting adds visual interest to specific focal points.

The soft bulbs, which mimic the glow of the moon, can be mounted on trees or the roof of a gazebo, pergola or other structure to illuminate your hot tub.

Moonlighting offers a soft, shimmering light that will subtly enhance your spa.

3. String Lighting

String lighting is both easy on your wallet and easy to set up. Once you’ve purchased your lights, it’s as simple as stringing the strands above your deck, patio, or spa in the pattern of your choice.

You can hang your lights in a zig-zag pattern, crosshatch-style, or in soft rounded arcs.

If you have a gazebo or pergola, decorating them with lights will make it look magical at night.

4. Rope Lighting

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to light up your outdoor hot tub or another outdoor focal point, rope lighting is for you. You can run the lighting around the base of your spa or the perimeter of your patio or deck where your spa sits.

LED rope lighting comes in a variety of shades. White blends more naturally with landscaping while colored lighting will add drama. The key to rope lighting is to highlight only one or two elements so that it doesn’t overpower your space.

5. Flood Lights

If you have a large yard or patio to light up, flood lights may be your best bet. These bright spotlights are mounted to shine down on any space in need of illumination.

They can be mounted from any type of structure or even a tree to transform your yard into a functional night-time space.

6. Tiki Torches

Why not bring a touch of the tropics to your yard with Tiki torches? There are a wide variety of torches, but we recommend buying a copper or brass variety.

These higher-quality torches are both sturdy and safe and can be wired into your landscape. This means you can do away with oil in favor of light bulbs.

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