10 Best Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Spa Installation


Are you the proud owner of a hot tub or swim spa?

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In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at why you might want to improve your outdoor spa installation, how to get started, and even some inspiration.

Why You Should Install an Outdoor Spa or Hot Tub

Many of life’s greatest pleasures can be found right in your home – from getting a peaceful, relaxing sleep to spending time with loved ones. Sometimes, a long soak in a bubbling hot tub does the trick. Outdoor spa installations are a great investment for your backyard for many reasons.

While swimming pools are usually the first thought that pops into your head when it comes to backyard architecture, outdoor spas are the perfect alternative for smaller yards and versatile enough to landscape around to create your dream living space.

Hot tubs and swim spas have multiple health benefits, such as improving blood circulation and boosting the immune system. The warm water and pulsating jets also help with flushing out toxins and coping with stress, everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

Besides the ease of installation, these backyard hideaways are also a place for families and friends to unwind and just hang out. Whether it’s for a weekend barbeque with coworkers, or a quick weekday soak with the family, an outdoor spa can serve all your needs when you need a place to relax.

10 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Spa

  1. Revamp Your Existing Patio or Deck Area
  2. Add a Fire Pit
  3. Install a Gazebo or Pergola
  4. Add a Covana Cover
  5. Plant a Lush Garden
  6. Revive Tired Landscaping
  7. Add Outdoor Lighting
  8. Add Steps
  9. Upgrade or Repair the Areas That Require Fixing
  10. Create a Lounge Area

Let’s take a look at each one of them…

1. Revamp Your Existing Patio or Deck Area

Not every remodeling project has to break the bank. Usually, when your deck is still in good condition, it may not seem worth it to splurge on an expensive renovation. After all, patios aren’t all that cheap to begin with and you’ll definitely want your furniture to last.

Want a quick and easy way to give your backyard a facelift? Try adding in a few new elements like a deck rail or widening the length of your current deck. Besides for aesthetic purposes, these revamps can also make your spa area more functional; expanding your patio can create more space, and adding a separate level can provide a place to sit and cool off.

Or sometimes, a good scrubbing down could be what your deck really needs. Just like all indoor and outdoor furniture, decks and patios need regular maintenance and upkeep, which is something many homeowners overlook. Not only will this help to create a like-new installation, but the material will also last longer.

2. Add a Fire Pit

An outdoor hot tub is always a good excuse for a fun gathering. Throw in a fire pit and you’re unstoppable. A fire pit can enhance your outdoor living space in terms of functionality and design. For one thing, if you get a fire pit you can cook on, you now have another reason to hold a party.

Having a fire pit also maximizes your time outside. Who says backyards are only to be enjoyed in warm weather? Fire pits are a great heat source on cold winter nights and during the chilly fall. Even on summer nights, fire pits provide a cosy atmosphere and ambient lighting, making it an ideal statement piece for your living space.

They can go hand-in-hand with your outdoor hot tub to create an al-fresco lounge area to kick back and gather around after a relaxing soak. Grab a couple of snug chairs and you’ll never want to leave your backyard!

3. Install a Gazebo or Pergola

Summer and spring means fun in the sun. But let’s be real: some days, the sweltering heat can get a bit much, and we’re not trying to catch a sunburn. Installing a gazebo or pergola overtop can help shelter you on days where you can’t deal with the stifling UV rays. The bonus? It’s beautiful to look at.

Not only does a gazebo provide a comfortable shade, it can turn your outdoor hot tub into a focal point of your home. No matter which part of your yard you place your hot tub or swim spa, a gazebo transforms your outdoor spa into your private little oasis. You can even install blinds and picture yourself in a 5-star resort, if you’d like.

Considering that gazebos, pergolas and canopies are permanent fixtures, you have to carefully plan so that it blends seamlessly into its environment. Choosing the wrong style or a mismatched color could look obtrusive. Ask for color and material samples and look online for inspiration for the best style to complement your outdoor spa.

4. Add a Covana Cover

What better way to bring privacy, protection and versatility to your spa, than with an automated cover? Covana Covers are built to fit both hot tubs and swim spas perfectly.

With the simple touch of a button, your spa cover can lift or lower, from a protective cover that seals your spa, to a stylish gazebo that provides you with shelter and privacy for each and every soak.

Click here to learn more about our Covana Covers for sale in Sarasota!

5. Plant a Lush Garden

Want to build your very own tropical retreat? If you live in a relatively warm climate, you’re already halfway there. The key to building your dream backyard lies in the way you landscape around your outdoor hot tub or swim spa. Ideally, your garden can be a mix of taller banana or palm trees, shrubbery, and flowers for a splash of color.

One tip for choosing the right plants to improve the look of your outdoor spa is to research plants that are suitable for pool or hot tub landscaping. Often, people go into it choosing the most stunning plants that end up dropping leaves into the spa, which can get irritating after a while.

Not only does your plant have to blend in well with your landscaping, they also have to be easy to maintain and not obstruct any pavements. Luckily, there are a range of succulents, ornamental shrubs and other plants in the market to customize to your liking.

6. Revive Tired Landscaping

An outdoor spa without proper landscaping can look lackluster, and an outdoor spa with outdated or old landscaping can look downright ugly. After a while, plants can start to lose their shine, especially if you haven’t had the time for proper maintenance.

Or it could be that the furniture or paving material start to look outdated. Maybe the aesthetic or placement just isn’t working for you anymore. Nothing that a quick refresher couldn’t fix.

Start by identifying the parts that, as Marie Kondo says, don’t spark joy so you don’t accidentally cut down your favorite tree in a mass purge. Even swapping out old furniture can give your outdoor spa area a new look.

Bring unity and functionality to your backyard with the following landscaping ideas:

  • Stone walkways or pathways to and from your spa to the house
  • Mulch between grass and garden areas, along with garden edging
  • In-ground, string or stair lighting
  • Add stairs or steps to create contrast with elevated spaces

7. Add Outdoor Lighting

If you don’t have a lighting plan built around your outdoor hot tub or swim spa, you’re doing it wrong. The right lighting has the power to transform your outdoor spa area into your dream retreat, sort of like a vacation space in your own home.

Different types of lighting can be used to set the mood. Ever walked into a candlelit restaurant and instantly felt more romantic?

Your choice of lighting can be a game-changer. Using warm, soft lighting can create a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for a night soak with your partner. To turn up the romance, placing fairy lights on trees or higher floors can mimic a moonlit sky.

Another way to improve your outdoor spa can be to illuminate the surrounding walkways or deck to instantly make it more welcoming for guests.

LED lights are also gaining popularity for their durability and cost-savings, and these fit great under the stairs to your hot tub. Otherwise, string lights or fairy lights on the nearby fence could add a whimsical aura to your water spa area.

8. Add Steps

Steps aren’t just a way to elevate (pun intended) the design of your outdoor spa, they also offer a more ergonomic design that is functional for families.

Some hot tubs can be quite large, and installing steps can act as a safety feature for families with children. At the same time, they can offer a permanent seating solution that is built right into your deck.

You can consider choosing steps purely based on design or you can look at functional elements too. For instance, the space under the steps can be used for storage in some cases. Wraparound steps or benches can also make for a nice terrace area for guests. One tip is to choose material that won’t easily corrode from coming into contact with water.

9. Upgrade or Repair the Areas That Require Fixing

Things like a broken jet or askew deck flooring may be easy to overlook, but could add up and pose small nuisances that will affect your overall experience at home.

If you notice that the issues are piling up, take some time to repair them. While this is not necessarily the extravagant home project you envisioned, it could really change and elevate your regular outdoor hot tub affair into something special.

10. Create a Lounge Area

Your home is where you spend most of your time, so why not make the best of it? An outdoor living area can be transformed with the right patio furniture, no matter the size or style of your yard.

Since you already have a luxurious outdoor element – the hot tub or swim spa – why not take it up a notch and bring in comfy furniture to create the ultimate lounge area. This cozy lounge area can also be an alfresco dining spot for family, friends and neighbors to join you in your outdoor oasis.

You could even model it after your dream holiday resort and pretend you’re on a weekend staycation. And it doesn’t have to cost much, since you’re not building anything anyway.

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